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Crystalclear Glass

Crystalclear Glass is specialized in manufacture and supply various kinds of glass and mirrors in China, offering extremely wide selection of designs, finishes and glass options, from big size glass sheet to deep-processed glass.

We are mainly dedicated to exportation of glass and mirrors throughout the world by safe delivery in the sea or on the land.

We have been currently supplying Clear float glass, Tinted float glass, Reflective glass, Pattern glass, Mirrors, Laminated glass, Tempered glass,Acid etched glass,

Insulating glass, Low E glass, Decorative glass, Painting glass, Louver glass, Solar glass ect.

At Crystalclear Glass, we love glass, with rich experience of glass exportation for more than 10 years and export to 68 different countries.

Today, we have advanced production technology, our unique strong packages and best loading of glass way in different kinds of containers to avoid any problems in transportation, the business relationships and knowledge we have acquired enable us to draw on a solid network of international and domestic partnerships, Meeting the expectations of our customers is our most important goal.

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