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    Crystal Clear Glass 

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    Low –E Glass 

    Low-E glass is a kind of high performance, low-emissivity products. The vacuum sputtering process coats glass surfaces with several layers of different materials. Among these, a silver layer effectively reflects infrared rays while maintaining excellent thermal performance. Beneath the silver layer is an anti-reflective tin oxide(SnO2)base layer that increases the transparency of the glass, the silver layer is an isolating nickel-chromium(NiCr)alloy coating. The main function of the top anti-reflective tin oxide(SnO2)layer is to protect the other coating layers. This product offers the high transparency, low reflectivity, and good thermal insulating and energy-savings properties required of modern architectural glass and green building design. 


     Approaches the natural color of glass
      Highly transparent to visible light, will not produce significant glare problems caused by high reflectance of visible light.
      Allows most sunlight in the visible range to enter without altering its natural color, Provides excellent natural illumination and saves energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting.
      Relatively high reflectance of infrared radiation. in particular, reflects nearly all long-wave infrared. blocks the entrance of large amounts of heat, and leaves interior comfortably cool in summer and warm in winter. 


      Thickness: 3mm-19mm 
      Max size: 3300 x 6000mm (130'' x 236'')

      Min size: 305 x 991mm (12'' x 39'')

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