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    Crystal Clear Glass 

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    CRYSTALCLEAR silver mirror is a kind of functional glass, which is produced through a multiple processing work by cleaning, sensitized, silver coated, copper coated and two-times waterproof paints coated on the surface of quality float glass. Silver Mirror could supply clear and exact images.It is widely applied in various industries, like furniture, crafts, decoration, optical, auto rearview, etc.

    Material:High quality Clear Float glass & tinted float glass

    Product Method:Vacuum coating glass 

    Thickness:2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 4.8mm,5mm,6mm,8mm

    Color:clear, dark bronze, Euro bronze, dark blue, ,Ford blue, dark  green ,F green, dark grey ,Euro grey, pink, etc

    Max. dimension:2134mmX3660mm
    Standard Size :914mmX1220mm;1220mmX1830mm;1500mmX2000mm;1600mmX2200mm;


                           1524mmX2134mm; 2134mmX3050mm;2134mmX3300mm;2134mmX3660mm

    Back paint color:  red, gray, green, white, etc.

    Back paint :  Two layers of Italy FENZI paints, perfect resistance to corrosion, enduring longer.
    Package: Seaworthy crate with metal strip
    Usage range: bathroom mirror (bevelled mirror also),furniture mirror, decorative mirror, building mirror wall mirror, closet mirror, car mirror ,dance mirror, etc.


    1. Sizes can be cut according to your request.
    2. Back with printing code available
    3. Safety mirror is produced by an adhesive PE film(vinyl film) or Woven Fabric films on the back of mirror, also called CAT I&CAT II, This kind of mirror prevents people from being    hurt in case of mirror breaking.

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