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    Crystal Clear Glass 

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    ALUMINUM MIRROR is a kind of functional glass mirror, which is produced through triple processing work by cleaning, aluminum deposition, and two layers of waterproof paints on the surface of high quality float glass. 

    Product Features 

      Double Paints

      Float Glass come from  JINJING

      Taiwan Glass/Saint-Gobain
      High quality Mirror Glass

    Thickness:   2mm,3mm,4mm, 5mm,6mm



    Regular Size:

    2mm :1600x2200; 1500x2000; 1220x1830
    3mm :1830x2440; 1830x2134; 1524x2134; 2134x3050; 2134x3300
    4mm :1830x2440; 1605x2550; 1524x2134; 2134x3050; 2134x3300
    5mm :1830x2440; 2134x3050; 2134x3300; 2134x3660; 2440x3660
    6mm : 1830x2440; 2134x3050; 2134x3300; 2134x3660; 2440x3660

    Paint color:    Grey;Green;Yellow;Dark Blue;White;Red;etc.

    Usage:bathroom mirror, furniture mirror, decorative mirror, building mirror, wall mirror,closet mirror,car mirror,dance mirror,etc. 
    Can be used in wet and hot environment.

      Back can be printed code
      Back can be pasted film (PE film/woven fabric film)


    4 aluminum mirror production lines including 1 horizontal aluminum mirror production line and 1 auto silver mirror production line, with yearly capacity of 6 million square meters .
    Float Glass purchased from Taiwan GLass Group ,Qingdao Saint-Gobain and Jinjing,guarantee the high quality of our mirror.
    Closed to Qingdao Port, guarantees fast shipment.
    Our company develops fast due to our high quaility and good service .
    We are a team full of experience and responsibility, your goods,our promise.

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